The Upper Plenty History Exhibition

A permanent exhibition of storyboards inside the the Shack depicting life in the Upper Plenty area from the first settlers to the present day.

The storyboards have been captured and are now made available as PDF files so you can download and zoom in to read the History at your leisure.

When viewing the file you will need to scroll around as the page size and detail contained is very large. Just change the View/Zoom amount to magnify the detail until you can read the text. Then use the X & Y scroll bars to move around.

If you just click the links below then depending on browser they will open in a new Tab or give you the option to save.

If you use the scroll wheel on your mouse to move up/down or hold the Ctrl key and scroll will change the magnification. (Chrome & Internet Explorer tested.)

To download each file just do a “right click” and “save As”

Note: Some of these PDF files are large we have added the size at the end of each PDF link.

Many thanks to:-

Rose King for Collating and Writing up the history.

Claire McGregor for Editing, Layout and Graphics Design.