The Shack has burnt down overnight! 22 nd October 2015


Fire, Upper Plenty Shack – Community Hall – Mechanics Institute Has burnt Down

As the result of a fire at “The Shack” Upper Plenty last night I am sorry to report that it has been totally destroyed 🙁

We are all deeply moved and saddened by this tragic event. At this time the cause of the fire is unknown. The Committee will be meeting tonight  to discuss where we go from here. I expect to post some more information as it comes to hand.

Unfortunately the Roll of Honour Board may have been lost. One plaque has been retrieved scorched but at this stage not sure which one.

The fire was noticed around 2:30 am when the power went off in a near by property. The neighbour looked out and could see the glow so called ‘000’ emergency number. The CFA (Country Fire Authority – Fire Brigade) were on site with in 10 minutes but by that time all was lost.

I have added some pictures of the results of the fire.


The Last Post image of part of the porch post.

The Last Post

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